Create _Space

Our ‘Create _Space’ Creative Mornings are monthly events we began in 2023 to encourage the creativity in our community.
We know that everyone has creativity in them and the mornings have really become a relaxing time to enjoy trying our hands at new things together. Whatever “level” of creativity you feel you have, we invite you to join us, even if it’s simply for a coffee and a catch up!
The aim of these times is to inspire and nurture creativity in everyone by opening a space to bring and create something of your own and/or get involved with creative projects we will provide. Come along and meet new friends while having fun! We look forward to seeing you! 
We host Create _Space mornings on a monthly basis and hope to make them more regular in the future!
These morning are FREE and we meet in the Sidney Room @TheAlex. The cafe will be open for you to purchase refreshments.