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Time 4 Tea

Time 4 Tea is a relaxed, informal and welcoming friendship group, mainly for the over fifties in the church and wider community. People are free to invite others and often come from different faith backgrounds. It is church to some and meets some diverse needs in a meaningful way.

This group is an opportunity for social interaction, encouragement, support and companionship, with a view to also meeting the needs of people with impaired health and mental health issues.

We meet in the same home each last Wednesday of the month, meeting in the afternoon from 2.30 – 4.30pm come rain or shine.

When we meet there is a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a strong emphasis on hospitality and the contents of a typical afternoon will vary according to who contributes and who attends. It’s been running now since 2011 and we have developed a regular routine which people enjoy.

Friendly open informal banter takes place with opportunities to share news or talk about whatever is current or in mind. A message or talk is given, sometimes by a visiting speaker. The talk is then followed by a couple of Christian songs, usually accompanied by guitar, with a short prayer to close.

The rest of the afternoon is then spent enjoying sandwiches, cake and tea and lots more cheerful chat!