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Speaker: Pete McVey

  • 1 March 2020

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    This is a teaching series on the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatian Churches and it’s packed full of the truth of the gospel; the good news.

    Pete was speaking today on Galatians 2:1-10, as we looked into Paul’s second visit to Jerusalem where he met up with Apostles there.

  • 2 February 2020

    Series: Deeper

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    We begin the new year with a new series, considering how we can go deeper in our relationship with Jesus, with other believers and with the world around us. We will spend the next 5 weeks looking at the following areas: Live, Love, Look, Listen, Learn.

    Pete drew our series to a close this morning by looking at Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 11:25-30. An invitation to learn, an invitation to find rest.

  • 1 December 2019

    Series: Abide

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    In our current sermon series we are going to be exploring Jesus’ words to His disciples in John 15:1-17. Over the next 4 weeks we will teach into what Jesus said about abiding, fruitfulness, prayer, obedience and love.

    This morning Pete was speaking on John 15:7-11, looking at what it means to abide in Jesus’ love and for His words to abide in us.

  • 24 March 2019

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    In this series, based in the Psalms, we consider what it is to be a worshipping community. This morning, Pete was speaking on Psalm 116.

  • 13 January 2019

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    We begin the new year with a new series exploring the book of Habakkuk, discovering what it teaches us about how to live by faith in troubled times.

    Pete was sharing with us today as we looked at Habakkuk 1:12-2:4 and considered how Habakkuk responded to God’s answers

  • 25 November 2018

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    This series is all about Jesus as we look at what it means for Him to be prophet, priest, king, shepherd, friend and saviour. Pete continued our series on Sunday looking as Jesus as king.

  • 14 October 2018

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    This week we continued our sermon series, ‘Assured’, based in John’s first letter. This morning Pete was speaking on 1 John 4:7-21.

  • 15 July 2018

    Speaker: Pete McVey

  • 20 May 2018

    Series: Standalone

    Speaker: Pete McVey

    On Pentecost Sunday, Pete was speaking on Acts 4:23-31 as we considered the early church gathering together to pray for boldness in making Jesus known.