Mums Group

This midweek group is an opportunity to gather mums together, to support one another in our walk with God and the impact we have within the church family. We believe it is an excellent environment for mums to come and share life together. Currently the mums meet every Thursday morning in one of their homes. The venue tends to move from week to week depending on what each family has going on at the time.

Some weeks our time together is absorbed in nappy changes, snacks, teaching toddlers to share and all the other things that come with having children. To us this is all part of doing life together and if all we get round to doing is building a tower out of blocks we consider it a successful morning!

We do aim to spend time each week sharing with one another about many areas of life, such as being a mum, life within the church and the workplace. Since the group started, we have also made praying together a regular part of what we do and already there are stories of answered prayer through God’s provision and love as He works in our lives.

This is a great place to make new friends and to build existing friendships. If you are a mum who is new to the area or looking for a group of mums to connect with, we would love to meet you so please do get in touch.